Installation Guide

Software Installation Process


Initial Installation:

  1. Installation file can be either EXE or MSI.
  2. Installation requires administrative rights on the target machine.
  3. Installation process (automated) :
    • Install kernel mode driver for USB devices.
    • Copy application files.
    • Install and start mce’s Service.
    • Update registry keys.
    • Create desktop and programs menu shortcuts.
    • Create uninstaller.


Automatic Update:

  1. Automatic Update runs in user mode (non-administrative).
  2. Application checks for update periodically.
  3. Automatic update process:
    • Check for newer version.
    • Download newer version package (full or differential) files.
    • Deploy package files


mce Connection Box


mce software requires that the mce Connection Box is connected to one of the PC’s USB ports, and powered by the provided AC adapter.

  1. Connect mce Connection Box to power source with provided AC adapter. (AC adapter should be connected directly to a wall socket)
  2. Connect mce Connection Box to PC with provided A-B cable. (A-B cable should be connected to USB2 port only)


Important Note: Without the AC adapter, the operation of mce software may fail as connected devices will not be supplied with enough current. AC adaptor is absolutely mandatory for flashing.